Collin County Cabinet Refinishing

Cabinet Refinishing Collin County
Collin County Cabinet Refinishing
Collin County Refinishing Cabinet

Cabinet Refinishing Service Costs

Cabinet Refinishing is a method of updating cabinets with new Doors and resurfaced Faces. It is an excellent alternative to replacing and/or painting the cabinets.

Top Benefits of Cabinet Refinishing with new AON Innovations
#1. Cost & Convenience. Refacing runs only about ½ the cost of replacing your cabinets and takes ½ the time. Most projects are completed within one week, and you don’t even have to remove the contents of your cabinets.

#2. There is no need to replace your countertops and hire other subs like a plumber and/or electrician.

#3. Value added to the home. Cabinet Refacing is of the highest ROI (Return on Investment) renovation projects you can choose for your home.

#4. No Painting or Sanding inside your home. All the messy work is done in our shop or outside. Our crews clean up after themselves daily. You maintain use of your kitchen during the installation process. While limited a bit during the days of progress, you’ll have full use in the evenings.

#5. Local Economy. 90% of the monies you invest are kept local. When you replace cabinets, that are mostly manufactured out of state/country, the money is sent away and rarely returns to your neighborhood.

Collin County Cabinet Refinishing

Other names for Cabinet Refinishing in Collin County TX include: Cabinet Makeover, Cabinet Resurfacing, Cabinet Facelift, Replacement Cabinet Doors, Cabinet Refinishing, Cabinet Veneering, Kitchen Makeover, and more. There are as many names for this project as there are methods of construction. If you are researching options, we encourage you to get all the details of exactly what each company is proposing.

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AON Innovations refined process of Cabinet Refinishing developed over many years is one that caters to the wants and needs of modern consumers. It is a unique process. It’s one that enables changing the look of your kitchen dramatically. We offer many options, Styles, and Colors. It transforms your old cabinets to Full Overlay, with Soft Close Doors, and has all the subtle details of New Cabinetry.

Our unique method is one where All Doors and Drawer Fronts are replaced. We also provide new Soft Close hinges and Full Overlay styling. We overlay end-panels, cabinet-bottoms, and toe-kick and Side Panels, (plain or deco-panels optional). We then resurface the fascia with new 1/4-wood skins (similar to paneling). It’s almost like tiling over the old cabinets with new wood paneling. All materials are finished to match your selection in our shop, not your home. Adding new modern knobs/pulls really accentuates your new kitchen and makes for a top-shelf look.

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There are many options and upgrades available while you are refacing your kitchen. We offer optional upgrades of New Hardware, Crown Molding, New Drawers, New Island, More Drawer Space, Trash Pullout, Spice Rack and many more. Most all accessories available with new cabinets are available with refaced cabinets.

At the end of the project, only you will know that your cabinets have been refaced rather than replaced. The difference can only be detected behind closed doors and that’s where most folks have their contents covering all cabinet surfaces. You will be back cooking and entertaining in your new kitchen usually within 1-week and no-one will ever know the magnitude of the transformation your kitchen recently underwent.

Price Quote Cabinet Refinishing Collin County Texas

Homeowners who want to save may opt to do some of the work yourself. Self-painting the existing framework and/or helping with the removal or trash haul away can go a long way. We’ll work with you as best we can to get you to a budget you can agree to.

Our goal is to help you achieve a product, price, and style that works for you and modernizes your kitchen to a degree that you are satisfied with. We will be glad to furnish, and supply as much or little of the product or labor that you want us to.

Some customers come to us simply to purchase the unfinished cabinet doors for their project, while supplying their own measurements. Others want full-fledged installed refacing which we measure, supply, and install the goods. We are happy to work with you either way. We will do as much, or as little as you like to arrange a happy working relationship that enables you to hit your remodeling goals. Please call us anytime to discuss your project desires, needs, and budget. We will work really hard to help you achieve the kitchen you desire for a price within your budget.