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We work on all types of wood floors in Allen and surrounding areas.

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Need to refinish hardwood floors? We restore, repair and refurbish old hardwood floors to look like new again.

Commercial Wood Flooring
AON Innovations, Allen TX, is a commercial wood flooring contractor that will resurface, refinish, repair and restore restaurant floors,

Hardwood Floors Allen
Need help with hardwood floors Allen TX? Contact AON Innovations. We install, repair, refurbish, refinish & restore hardwood floors. Based in Allen from past many years, AON Innovations is a sole-proprietor, family owned and operated wood floor company. We service hardwood floors in residential homes, condos, apartments, and brownstones. AON Innovations will clean and polish wood floors in restaurants and catering halls, dance and gym floor. Our company services hardwood floors Allen and other parts of Texas.

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We make old wood floors shine like new!

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Allen Commercial Hardwood Floor Refinishing

AON Innovations Allen is so confident in the quality of our hardwood floor work that as a result, we offer a TEN (10) YEAR GUARANTEE. The finish we put on your hardwood floor will not chip, crack, peel due to residential traffic within a period of ten years or we will re-coat your floor!

  • Hardwood floor installation,
  • Hardwood floor refinishing – We make old wood floors shine like new!
  • Bleach and/or Stain wood floors to the color and look of your choice.
  • Sand scratches and dents out of old wood floors.
  • Repair cupped, split, cracked or replace water damaged wood floorboards.
  • Dustless sanding wood floors.
  • Buff, polish and shine wood floors.
  • Recoat wood floors with new polyurethane to make them shine like new again.

Refinishing hardwood floors is not something you want to cut corners on. For example, inexperienced use of heavy-duty belt sanders and orbital buffers used to sand wood floors can gouge divots and cause uneven waves and ripples in wood floors. Furthermore, you sometimes will not notice the waves or ripples in a sanded wood floors surface until the final coat of polyurethane is put on. Only then will you see the glaring imperfections of a poorly sanded wood floor. TRUST the experience of AON Innovations and team to refinish your hardwood floors.

Years of experience allow us to give accurate, fair estimates. Don’t pay more! We know hardwood floors! Good prices and great service. We refinish hardwood floors the old fashioned way, without cutting corners!

We restore, refinish, repair and refurbish old hardwood floors to look new again!

(469) 265-8468
Make old wood floors shine like new!

Hardwood Floors Allen
AON Innovations is centrally located in Allen. Before you replace your hardwood floors, call us! We are experts at stripping hardwood floors, sanding hardwood floors, refinishing hardwood floors, refurbishing wood floors, cleaning hardwood floors and polishing wood floors to look new again.

Allen Commercial Wood Floor Refinishing

Cost to Refinish Hardwood Floors

The cost to refinish your hardwood floors Allen is reasonable and based on a price per square foot of floor space factoring in the condition of the existing floors. Often, our cost including materials and labor to refinish your hardwood floors is less than the do-it-yourself cost, once you add up the floor sanding equipment rental and all the other unavoidable costs to refinish wood floors. If you want to refinish hardwood floors yourself, please understand the damage can be catastrophic if you are not experienced. Hardwood floor sanding equipment can grind divots out of wood floors and leave waves of uneven surfaces if not handled properly.

Water-Based Polyurethane Wood Floor Finishes – Today’s cutting-edge technology water-based floor finishes specially formulated for hardwood floors are tough as nails and hold up as well as oil finishes without the smell. Low in VOC (volatile organic compounds) a water-based wood floor finish might be the perfect choice for your home.

Oil-Based Polyurethane Wood Floor Finishes – We can refinish your wood floors with the most durable oil-based protective hardwood floor finishes on the market. Surprisingly, the VOC on the newest oil-based urethane wood floor products is low and the finish provides an incredibly durable and long-lasting floor finish.

Hardwood Floor Repairs and Restoration

Having wood floor problems? We repair all types of wood flooring from simple replacement of cracked boards to a total hardwood floor restoration. If you have broken wood floor, cracked wood floor, chipped wood floor, split wood floor planks, rotted hardwood floorboards…

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  • Why replace your old wood floor? We fix all types of wood floor damage and make old wood floors look like new.
  • Do you have squeaky wood floors? We can fix any type of floor squeak on a wood floor and stop annoying squeaky floors forever. We are squeaky hardwood floor experts!
  • Do you have water damaged wood floors? We repair wood floors damaged by water, floods or moisture that are cupped, warped, bent, twisted, buckled.
  • Do you have scratched wood floors? Scratches in a wood floor can be sanded out to look like new.
  • Do you have a dented wood floor from something heavy that was dropped on the wood floorboards?
  • Do you have a scraped wood floor? Scrapes or gouges happen when something heavy was dragged across a wood floor such as furniture legs. Fix and fill wood floor dents, dings, scrapes, gouges and scratches in hardwood floors.

Make old wood floors look like new again!
We repair wood floors seamlessly, including color matching the stain so you would never notice the newly repaired wood floor planks from the original wood flooring.

Stain Hardwood Floors

We stain and seal any type of hardwood floor, from light to dark colors. Staining hardwood floors is very difficult to undo, so please make sure your hardwood floor guy has the proper training and experience. Different types of wood react to different stains and polyurethane and oil floor finishes. PLEASE BE CAREFUL staining, but if you have a bad stain job, let us take a look at your floors. We also provide wood bleaching services.

Bleach Hardwood Floors

We can bleach any dark color hardwood floor and give it that light, bright look. Please use caution if you want to stain or bleach your wood floor. Proper care and experience with bleach products is vital for safety and best-looking results.

Clean Hardwood Floors

Check our hardwood floor tips blog about cleaning hardwood floors. You can learn the simple steps to keeping your hardwood floors properly cleaned and maintained. If you live in Allen, or in the surrounding areas and would like your hardwood floors cleaned by an experienced hardwood floor craftsmen, contact us.

Install Hardwood Floors

We install wood laminate flooring, prefinished wood flooring, engineered wood floors, and unfinished hardwood flooring (real “bare” solid wood floor planking). Our wood floors are installed by some of the most professional and experienced hardwood floor installers in Allen. If you need help installing hardwood floors that you bought at a home store, CONTACT US. We can help with all types of hardwood floor installation.

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Please visit our hardwood floor company testimonial reviews by satisfied customers. Above all, we strive to please our customers. Hardwood Floors Allen has refinished wood floors in Allen and other areas of Texas.

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Hardwood Floors Allen TX

AON Innovations is without a doubt considered one of the best hardwood floor companies in Allen TX. In conclusion, they are the hardwood floor contractors to call if you want your wood floors done right.